Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A new feature on the web site: folks who have solved a problem, researched a vendor, or otherwise had a good experience trying to get something fixed or accomplished in their unit. They wish to share their experience, and we invite anyone else who wishes to do the same to send an email of recommendation or other good idea to the management company and they will forward it to the webmaster for possible posting.

Please remember that these are "neighbor to neighbor" and no warranties or guarantees are offered or implied - use these tips at your own risk! The Belsera Community Association will not be held liable for any failure or unhappiness based on your use of an idea or tip here!

Helps, Tips, Hints

Fire doors: A neighbor recently had to replace her fire door and sent the following on what she learned: "The fire door must be 1 3/4" solid door complete with certification stamp from state of California. To ensure fire protectiveness, it must be pre-drilled by factory or certain door installers. The person who installed mine is:
Kevin McBrearty
The Door Guys
Installation was $295 because my door didn't require new hinges. To protect from damage from dampness, it should be primed and painted."

Garage Door Replacement: Several neighbors have replaced their garage doors recently with Board-approved versions. They are definitely quiet, nearly silent. More information